Angela_Lewis_2013-12(1)Welcome to the Official Website of Dr. Angela K. Lewis.

Dr. Angela K. Lewis, native of Birmingham, Alabama is a professor of political science in the Department of Government at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her research appears in the National Political Science Review, American Review of Politics, Journal of African American Studies, Polity, the International Journal of African Studies, Whose Black Politics and The Constitutionalism of American States. [Read more ….]

The Ivory Tower
Conservatism in the Black Community: To the Right and Misunderstood
Routledge Press

Conservatism in the Black Community is a path breaking explanation of conservatism within the Black community.  It  examines the contemporary meanings of Black Conservatism and its influence on black political behavior, providing a basis for understanding the impact this phenomenon has on black political behavior. Lewis analyzes conservatism within the black ideological framework, while also explaining the meaning of conservatism in the black community. [Read more ....]

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